Indigenous peoples and local communities around the globe are the guardians of wisdom and technology for a life in harmony with nature. As they do, individuals, organizations and communities in all regions of the earh are working and living in creative ways that are respectfull with our mother earth. Solidarity economies, ecological and communitarian agriculture, communication of peace, alternative education are some of the areas people are dreaming and working on. This information deserves to be rescued and disseminated to inspire and demonstrate that it is possible to change the current paradigm we live in that causes so much harm to our planet.

You will find the news posted in the BLOG section of this web page but we also disseminate the information through our Facebook page you can acces following this link: CBD-Alliance

Please feel free to share with us the news in your region (even if it is not in English) so we can connect to this global community concerned for our common future.

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