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Ideas to use cosmetic bottles as souvenirs

Creativity can make you discover the most unusual but original ways to create souvenirs. Whether you do it as a hobby or professionally, using cosmetic bottles for this purpose can be a lot of fun. First of all, it is important to clarify that there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. You can also decide whether you want to work with recycled cosmetic bottles or brand new ones. Yes, you can get them brand new. The important thing is that you can fill them with solid or liquid materials. Remember that the idea is to create creative souvenirs. It doesn’t work if they come sealed like the ones used for perfumes. And finally, you must decide on the color of the glass of the cosmetic bottles you are going to use. A glass that catches a lot of attention is the one made with Miron glass.

Souvenirs as a profitable business

It is important not to limit your creativity. There are many combinations that you can use to decorate cosmetic bottles so that they are attractive and fun at the same time. If you make them boring or ordinary they will not make an impact. People are always looking for new and original ways to surprise others. You just need to give free rein to your creativity and never stop innovating. If you have large cosmetic bottles, you can fill them with candy for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. If they are small, you can fill them with colored decorative sands and create colorful landscapes inside them. With a little perseverance, you could turn these souvenirs into a productive business.

Cosmetic bottles that can be reused

How many times have you been given a souvenir that you didn’t like? It’s hard to please everyone. Sometimes people don’t know exactly what to give. One trick you can implement is to make your souvenirs made with cosmetic bottles reusable for other purposes. Let’s imagine that someone gives you a souvenir containing a rose-scented oil. But you don’t like that smell. You could empty it, clean it and reuse it to store something else. If you can make your souvenirs have more than one use, you are sure to succeed. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. You could use cosmetic bottles as souvenirs filled with candies that can be refilled later. Or you could create special tea blends that people can enjoy. Even candle-lit lamps that can be used for meditation. Just imagine, create and innovate.