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Pool Repairs and Maintenance Tips You Should Remember

Even though it is glamour and luxury, owning a pool within your household is the best thing that could happen. By installing it, you will be able to enjoy hot summer days, host parties and start doing laps to clear your mind before work.

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However, one of the most important aspects of owning a pool is maintenance. Without it, you will not be able to maintain the overall safety, which will affect and lead to numerous conditions, including broken filters, green water, and significant amount of algae, among other things.

That is the main reason why you should conduct regular maintenance by yourself to avoid the issues that may happen. If you have become a pool owner for the first time, you should follow the tips that we will present to you in the further text.

1.Skim and Scrub

The first thing that you should do is to skim all debris and leaves from the water, which is not the problem, but it requires consistent work and repetition. You have to do it daily so that you can maintain its hygiene in general.

In case you wish to find a hassle-free way to do it, you can find numerous devices, including a vacuum cleaner that will handle the bottom.

Apart from skimming, it would help if you scrubbed it so that you can prevent numerous microorganisms to thrive, which is a common problem in case you neglect doing it.

However, you do not have to do it as often as skimming, which means that you should scrub the sides at least once a week to avoid the issues we have mentioned above. You have to be aware of potential growths that may happen and brush them so that you can keep the pool clean and fresh.

Some spots tend to be highly challenging to handle, which is why you should use the old sock and add chlorine inside.

We recommend you to leave it like that for approximately two hours before you start scrubbing, and you will notice the difference as soon as you take it off.

2.Filters Are like Pool’s Kidneys

Similarly, as kidneys work in our bodies and removing all toxins and impurities from it, the pool’s filter can easily handle and removing dirt from water, including leaves, small toys, and dirt.

We recommend you to clean the filters on weekly basis, which could become hassle, but you will get numerous benefits with it.

That way, you will increase its longevity and use it more than you usually would. Apart from that, it is important to clean the entire filtration system on monthly basis.

We recommend you to start by backwashing, which means that you should clean the insides so that you can make it more efficient than before. Afterward, you should turn on the leave a pump operating until it starts ejecting clean and clear water.

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3.Water Chemical Levels Are Essential

The next important consideration includes maintaining the chemical levels of water. In case water is improperly balanced, it will irritate eyes and skin, and make it the perfect place for bacteria that will affect your skin and cause other issues as well.

You should test it once a week, and consider six chemical levels beforehand:

  • Free Chlorine – We are talking about a sanitizer that will keep your pool free of germs and safe for use.
  • Calcium Hardness – The levels should be between 220 and 350 because that will help you prevent plaster damages.
  • Cyanuric Acid – It protects chlorine from sunlight, and it is ideal for determining the chlorine levels. The overall range should be between 30 and 50, depending on numerous factors.
  • Acidity (pH Level) – The acidity should be between 7.5 and 7.8 so that you can prevent irritation and other issues, including eroding equipment, among other things.
  • Total Alkalinity – The ranges should be between 60 and 120, and you should keep it in check to maintain the overall pH balance.

The testing process is highly convenient because you have to purchase the kits from the pool store in your locality, or you can do it online as well. Include the sample of pool water, while the next step is to add the solution that comes within the kit.

In a matter of seconds, you will be able to determine the chemical levels based on the color you see. You should check out Platypus Pools official website to learn everything about pool repairs in general.

It is highly important to control the levels because that is the best way to maintain the ideal balance similar to the range we stated.

After you balance everything inside, the result will include crystal-clear water among other things, feature no scent at all, and it will not affect your skin health, which is essential considerations when owning a pool.

Remember that pool chemicals can be highly expensive, which means that you can find alternatives in your grocery store. Generally, you can use regular baking soda to regulate pH levels of water, which is both affordable and efficient in the long run.

Remember that baking soda comes with the same amount of sodium bicarbonate as the chemicals you would buy to regulate acidity. It is as simple as that.